Microbiology Club


The Microbiology Club is a great way to meet other Microbiology students, to learn about careers and opportunities while at ISU and after you graduate. Meetings are usually held twice a month on Thursday evenings from 6:10 – 7:00 in room 277, Science 1. The Iowa State University Microbiology Club offers a one day High School Workshop in the fall that incorporates various lab activities and incorporates a Forensics Murder Mystery using microbiology. During the year there are additional opportunities to meet other Micro students and use your skills in outreach activities. The club also has a fundraiser to assist Micro students attending the national American Society of Microbiologists meeting, which will be in San Francisco, CA June 20-24, 2019. In the summer, there is a 2 week AgDiscovery residential program for junior high and high school students sponsored by APHIS where Micro students have the opportunity to help instruct others in beginning Microbiology activities.

Micro Club Officers: 

President: Megan Jones                                                         Vice President: Sydney Johnston

Treasurer: Owen Whitham                                                     Secretary: Taylor Sherman

Social Media Chair: Owen Whitham                                      CALS Council: Katie Sett and Faith Seggerman

ASM Chair: Allison Rowe

Science Night Chair: Mary Horger

Advisor: Dr. Joan Cunnick