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Microbiology Club

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Alex Bray, President -

The Microbiology Club is a great way to meet other Microbiology students, to learn about careers and opportunities while at ISU and after you graduate. Meetings are usually held twice a month on Thursday evenings from 6:10 – 7:00 in room 221, Science 1. The Iowa State University Microbiology Club offers a one day High School Workshop in the fall that incorporates various lab activities and a Forensics Murder Mystery using microbiology. During the year there are additional opportunities to meet other Micro students and use your skills in outreach activities. During the summer, there is a 2 week AgDiscovery residential program for junior high and high school students sponsored by APHIS where Micro students have the opportunity to help instruct others in Microbiology activities.


Micro Club Officers:                                                                                            Spring 2024 Schedule:

President:   Alex Bray                                                                                     Jan. 25 - Pizza party and info session

Vice President: Kiana Terrell                                                                          Feb. 8 -Microbe Sale Prep and Crafts

Treasurer:  Harshita Sharma                                                                          Feb. 29 - Agar Art

Secretary: Syrena Hilgendorf                                                                         April 4- Local Brewery Tour

Workshop chairs:                                                                                           April 13 - Dinner at Dr. Cunnick's          

CALS Council: Kiana Terrell & Abhishek Mohanty                                         April 25 - Potluck and Micro Olympics

Social Media: Syrena Hilgendorf                                                                    

Fundraising Chair:                                                                                            

Advisor: Dr. Joan Cunnick