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Microbiology Program of Study

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Visit Soar in 4 to learn more about the ISU four year graduation guarantee. Under the Agriculture & Life Science College you will find the Microbiology Program which gives an example four year plan.

  • Several Transfer plans to ISU Microbiology Program & Community College Transfer Plans are available as a resource.


Microbiology Degree Related Minor Studies

  • Course work emphasized in your Microbiology Degree Program of Study can form the foundation of a related minor.
    Emerging Global Diseases offers a multidisciplinary minor focusing on human and animal health. Pharmacology and Toxicology is an interdisciplinary minor dealing with concepts and practices in pharmacology and toxicology. Entomology offers a minor that may be earned by taking Ent 370 and 12 credits in courses selected from an approved list supplied by the department. Food Science and Human Nutrition (Food Safety) also offers a minor that fits well with Microbiology.
  • Animal Science, Plant Pathology, Chemistry; Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology; Animal Ecology; Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology; Environmental Science; and other programs may offer opportunities to add a minor program of study.

    Visit with the subject area department(s) and with the Interdepartmental Undergraduate Microbiology Program Advisor.


Minor in Microbiology

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Which Courses are offered?

  Personal Development, Human Relations, and Global Awareness

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