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  • Congratulations to Dr. Jim Dickson for his achievements in Microbial Research for Food Safety Award.

  • Joan Cunnick, professor in animal science with the Microbiology Program, is the recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Achievement in Teaching Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. read more

  • Visit the Microbiology Club's giant microbe sale in Science Hall 1 on Feb. 13 & 14th.

  • Read more about Erin Healy, an ISU Microbiology 2019 alumni working at the Mayo Clinic.

  • Micro Club Meetings Spring 2023

    January 26 - Pizza and Bill Nye

    February 9 - Origami Night

    February 23 - Petri Dish Jello Making

    March 23 - Agar Art

    April 6 - Jeopardy

    April 15 - Dinner at Dr. Cunnick's

    April 27 - Potluck & Micro-Olympics


  • Pooja Kasiviswanathan, a junior in the undergraduate Microbiology program, just published her high school science project in PLoSOne with Larry Halverson and Betsy Swanner as co-authors.  Note the acknowledgement of the undergrad program for providing the Synechococcus sp. cyanobacterial strain. Read more at the following links in PLoSOne and Forbes:

    Farming on Mars: Treatment of Basaltic Regolith Soil and Briny Water Simulants Sustains Plant Growth


  • Two Iowa State University researchers have been selected to receive funding from the 2022 Margaret B. Barry Cancer Research Program to explore bioengineering probiotics to destroy the types of tumors seen in cancer patients. Dr. Gregory Phillips, an instructor with the Microbiology program, and Dr. Rizia Bardhan in biological and chemical engineering are investigating probiotic cancer treatments. Read more.

  • A graphic listing the meeting dates and topic with a graphic of organisms on an agar plate.

    Join the Micro Club Meetings as listed below. It's a chance to learn, have fun and meet fellow Microbiology students. Meetings start at 6:10 pm on the following Thursday evenings.

    February 17 - Financial Literacy Room 2455 Lagomarcino

    March 3 - Agar Art Room 109 Science Hall 1

    March 24 - Jeopardy - Room 2455 Lagomarcino

    April 7 - Homemade Soda - Room 221 Science Hall 1

    Saturday, April 23 - Dinner at Dr. Cunnick's Home

  • Dr. Boury's contribution in "The Campus"

    Why interactive and game-based instruction beats lecturing every time.

  • Congratulations to Maia Lawson for receiving the fall 2021 Academic Achievement Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Science Student Council. She graduated as a double major in microbiology and genetics. Read more about Maia's achievements.

  • Dr. Nancy Boury received the 2022 Carski Award for Undergraduate Education. This ASM award recognizes leading scientists for their professional accomplishments and significant contributions to education in Microbiology. She teaches courses in biology, genetics and microbiology, and advises undergraduate microbiology students. She facilitates active learning in her classrooms and strives to improve her students’ ability to critically evaluate and communicate science.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Joan Cunnick who recently received the Outstanding Advisor Award. Click to learn more. 

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