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Microbiology Undergraduate Program

Lab classInterested in the study of small things that have a big impact? Then Microbiology may be  the place for you.  Iowa State University offers

  • Extensive hands-on lab experiences that develop problem solving & technical skills used in a variety of professional careers.
  • Application of science to issues in the modern world
  • Excellent preparation for human medicine and veterinary medicine
  • Preparation for employment in a variety of professional settings
  • Involvement of professors from across Iowa State University in the Interdepartmental Microbiology Programs
  • Degrees in microbiology at both the undergraduate (B.S.) level and graduate (M.S., PhD.) level.

Our mission in the Undergraduate Microbiology Program is to instill a comprehensive understanding of microbiology and its relevance to human society and global health, and to cultivate the concepts and skills necessary to succeed in microbiology-related careers. Read more about

Recent News

June 8, 2017

student working in labAgDiscovery Students Get Hands-on with Microbiology

The AgDiscovery Group visited the Swine Teaching Farm, Poultry Teaching farm and Microbiology this past week. AgDiscovery is a summer camp outreach program designed to help middle through high school aged students explore careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, agribusiness, microbiology, plant pathology, aquaculture and more. 

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