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Welcome to the Microbiology Undergraduate Program

Microbiology is the study of small things with a BIG impact. 

The Microbiology program in linked with a learning community that provides students with support and a sense of community. Our faculty come from different departments (AN S, PPEM and V MPM) with a wide range of expertise to teach the undergraduates in the program. 

A student has opportunities for real world experience working as a lab assistant or working part-time or a summer job related to their field of interest both on and off campus. 

A Microbiology degree prepares you to find a job directly out of college working in industry, government or academia. A degree in Microbiology meets requirements for graduate programs and fully prepares you for Medical or Veterinary school. 

Our mission in the Microbiology Undergraduate Program is to instill a comprehensive understanding of microbiology and cultivate the concepts and skills necessary to succeed in microbiology-related careers. 

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